Get the Gang Together

YMCA Group Costume
A lot of people are searching for a group costume idea these days! Maybe your department at work is looking for a group costume idea for the annual costume contest. Or perhaps your family would have fun trick-or-treating in coordinated outfits. And Halloween is just more fun when you unite with friends and collaborate on a common idea. The impact of an amazing group costume will leave a lasting impression on everyone's minds!
Group costumes not only allow a number of people to join in the fun, but they let those who are Halloween-challenged participate without the stress of planning. Some people have oodles of creativity and love to come up with ideas, while others just aren't that into it. If you have a large group, it may be hard to get everyone "on board" with a common idea, especially if what you choose is expensive or difficult to assemble. So stick with simple ideas that each person can make for themselves, or general ideas that can be interpreted in many ways and tailored to each person's preference. For instance, you could choose "Party Time" as a theme, with everyone wearing party clothes, party hats, noisemakers, fake martinis, confetti hanging all over, holding balloons, etc. Each person in the group can put their own spin on what they wear and make it as elaborate or simple as they choose.
And there are tons of cute ideas for families or smaller groups. Mom and Dad can dress like fire fighters and dress their baby like a Dalmatian. Or the kids can be hockey players (don't forget bandages and fake bruises!) and Mom can be a referee. Or, Dad can wear a bee keeper outfit and the rest of the family can dress as bees. The possibilities are endless.
A group theme is also a perfect solution for finicky teens. Girls love to team up with friends and wear matching outfits. And though boys are usually a bit reluctant to fuss over a costume, they'll be a bit more likely to get in the spirit if they're with their friends. Monsters, vampires, mummies, or other spooky characters are always good group ideas for teen boys.
If you want a bit more creativity, here are a few of our favorite ideas for groups:
Night at the Movies Group Costume Idea Night at the Movies

Each person dresses like an item related to the movie theater: popcorn, candy, soda, ticket, etc. For popcorn: Make arm and leg holes in a large box and paint it with red and white stripes; write "POPCORN" on the front, and glue popped popcorn around the top of box; attach more to your shirt and a hat; suspend the box from your shoulders with straps. For candy: Either use a long flat box, or two pieces of posterboard suspended from your shoulders with straps; copy the logo from your favorite candy onto the front; wear matching colors underneath. For soda: use straps to suspend a hula hoop over your shoulders, then drape it with fabric; add the logo of your favorite soda to the front. For a movie ticket: Take two pieces of cardboard and put notches in the corners; paint them to look like theater tickets; suspend them from your shoulders with straps.

Photo submitted by Tlizziemi

Deal or No Deal Group Costume Idea Deal or No Deal

The show host (Howie Mandel) wears a black suit with a purple shirt, a bald cap, and a soul patch. Models wear matching dresses and carry metal briefcases with numbers on them (fake briefcases can be made out of silver-painted cardboard). One person can be the banker: wear an all-black suit, black hair and black make-up covering all exposed skin. Other people can be contestants or audience members. If you have a lot of men in your group they can be some of the models and it's even funnier!

Idea submitted by Mike, Kaitlin & Ashley Ducey

Photo submitted by rchell2

Football Game Group Costume Idea Football Time

Everyone in your group should dress like someone you might see at a football game: some can be football players (jersies, helmets, cleats, etc.), and some can be cheerleaders (sweaters with logo, short pleated skirts, pom poms, etc.). Others can be referees (black pants, black-and-white striped shirt, whistle, ball cap, etc.), the coach (polo shirt, slacks, cap, clipboard with plays, etc.), or fans (sports gear, foam finger, signs, etc.). For bigger groups, you can have a mascot, hotdog vendor, water boy, etc.

Idea submitted by Skippie

Photo submitted by Kimberly

Gang Green Group Costume Idea Gang Green

Each person dresses like a gang member (hoodie, sagging pants, bandanas, etc.)--except make sure most of the clothes you wear are green. Or you can do the alternate version of Gang Green: Everyone wears green and travels together.

Idea submitted by Patti Burgio

Photo submitted by jamifaye

Three Blind Mice Group Costume Idea Three Blind Mice

Dress like mice (grey hooded sweat suits, drawn-on whiskers, felt ears on headbands, long tails made out of fabric). Wear sunglasses and carry blind canes. If you have a fourth person, they can dress like a farmer's wife and carry a fake tail and fake knife (you know how the rhyme goes...she "cut off their tails with a carving knife").

Idea submitted by Cathie and Ashley

Photo submitted by aceaverill

Making costumes as a group is a fun way to bring people together to enjoy Halloween. So let your creativity run wild and have fun!
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Gum Under Chair Costume

Gum Under A Chair

You are the gum, so wear pink clothes and cover all exposed skin with pink make-up. Then attach a small child's chair to the top of your head. (Alternate version: Be "Gum Under A Table." Make a small table out of a cardboard box, cover it with paint or contact paper, and wear it on your head instead of the chair.)

Photo submitted by SkiBry

Idea submitted by Keitlyn Shouse and Micheung


Six Ways to Mess Up a Perfectly Good Costume Idea

Devil With a Blue Dress Costume
As you begin to think about what you're going to wear on Halloween this year, make sure you remember the "don'ts"! We've put together our list of the six top things to avoid when planning a costume:

1. Don't overexplain

Sometimes it's best to let your costume speak for itself. If you're wearing a slinky blue dress with devil horns and a devil tail, you don't need a tag that says "Devil With a Blue Dress On." The element of mystery just adds to the surprise!

2. Don't wear last year's inside joke

Planning to dress up as a naked Prince Harry this year? Sorry, that's so 2012! Stick to something a bit more current. How about Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball? Or a Government Shutdown costume (Uncle Sam covered in "Closed" signs)? You don't want to be old news!

3. Don't be overly obscure

Are you going to transform yourself into your favorite movie character from an obscure, decades-old Indie film? Yes, it will be truly unique. But if not a single person at the party has seen that movie, your uniqueness won't mean anything. It'll just be awkward!
Pacman Ghost Costume

4. Don't be too obvious

Don't just throw on any old boring costume. If you really can't come up with something more creative than a ghost, then how about Charlie Brown's ghost costume (with tons of eye holes), a Pacman ghost, or the Ghostbuster logo? Or, go ahead, be Little Miss Muffet for Halloween. But stand out from the rest by covering yourself with fake spiders, and adding spider bites, fake webs, etc. Take a good idea and turn it into something great!
Goldfinger Costume

5. Don't fail to think about comfort

Covering your entire body in gold paint makes a great costume, especially if your husband is going as James Bond. But think about it. How are you going to sit? Won't you be a bit chilly? Same thing with a full mask - does it really make sense to wear that to the party or is it just going to end up around your neck all night? Trick or treating with the kids in sky-high boots? Probably a bad plan! With a little foresight you can pick something great and still be comfortable all night long.

6. Don't wear the right thing at the wrong time

That slutty nun get-up or Jerry Sandusky costume might get a great reaction at your favorite club, but your work party, not so much.
So, DO follow our advice and DON'T mess up a perfectly great idea! And we know you'll have a fabulously creative Halloween.
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