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A Hollywood Halloween

It's easy to see what will be hot during Halloween season--just take a glance at the latest movie guide. Because when it comes to costume design, life always imitates art. Hollywood creates a yearly trend in Halloween costumes by releasing characters that consumers just can’t get enough of.

Blockbuster Hits

The 2006 summer blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean, is sure to boost pirate costume sales for Halloween. The Marvel comic book characters always reign as disguises, but you are sure to see more Supermen, Clark Kents, and Lois Lanes partying around town with the release of Superman Returns. And of course Batman, Spiderman, Superwoman, and The Incredible Hulk are super-powered costume classics that always make their way into the Halloween festivities.

All Ages Allowed

Children and adults alike participate in the trend of superstar costumes. The great thing about choosing a movie or television-themed costume is that other people enjoy guessing your disguise. Choosing a Hollywood Halloween theme is a great way to keep kids involved in the costume decision process. They can select characters based on their favorite Disney movie or television show that they will feel proud to wear.

Attention Grabbing-Groups

The Brady Bunch is a great theme to go with for large groups that want to bring back good memories. As corny as Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Bobby, Peter, Greg, Michael and Carol Brady were, they were America’s favorite family for years. Don’t forget about Alice and Cousin Oliver if you have an extra person or two without a costume. A sure laugh would come from dressing someone in the group as Tiger, the Brady family dog.

Casting All Couples

Who can resist Rachel and Ross…Or Mickey and Minnie Mouse, for that matter? Hollywood romances are wonderful ways to bring charm to a costume party for couples. A great way to put a spin on the A-list couple costumes is by reading the tabloid headlines. For instance, it may be cute to keep the love alive by dressing up as Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. But, a great way to get people talking is by arriving as a Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie- love triangle-threesome instead. Beware; you may get nasty looks from die hard Jennifer Aniston fans in the crowd. Whether you choose an on-screen or off-screen affair, arriving as a Hollywood couple is always great fun. Everyone deserves to be a celebrity once in their lifetime.

Terrific Themes

Television sitcoms and movies are great themes for costume parties. Your guests will have a ball dressing as their favorite stars. You can narrow the category by selecting a specific genre or an era. You can even plan your music, décor, games, and prizes to go along with the theme for an entire evening of fun-filled events. Keep the energy going by playing a game where everyone has to find the other characters from the same television show or movie genre. You’d be surprised of how willing people are to go along with costume parties if they have a little guidance and direction to get their creative juices flowing.
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