Marilyn Monroe Costume

Disguise Yourself As The “True You”

Ever feel like you don’t have the room to truly express yourself? Well, Halloween is the perfect time to get creative and be whatever you want to be, without feeling embarrassed. This year, you can dress up as the “true you” and allow the world to appreciate and experience your creative spirit and flair. Whether you are seeking unique costumes, traditional costumes, couple costumes, group costumes, celebrity costumes, hilarious pun costumes or scary disguises, Costume Idea Zone has great ideas to help you look your best this season.

Your Personality is Your Palette

Do you want to be sexy, cute, cool, smart, and funny? Would you like a costume that fits your personality or one which is the total opposite? At costume parties, the opportunities for creative expression are endless. Take full advantage of this unique chance to be free by taking your costume to the limit. Based on the amount of time and money you have, you can determine what costume works best for you.

Comfort Beneath the Mask

We spend day after day trying to maintain an image and behave in socially acceptable ways. The great thing about wearing a disguise at a costume party is that you can find comfort in being conspicuous. Wearing a mask or creatively-applied make-up can transform you into a character that will keep people wondering in awe all evening. Your new identity can even protect you from personal judgment and criticism. Carpe Diem! Seize the opportunity to express your feelings and desires without worrying about someone condemning you. Figure out whether you want people to know who you are immediately or if you’d rather surprise them and remain anonymous--at least for a while.

Fantasy Fun

From the time we are children, we fantasize about people and characters we wish we could be. If you never took the time as a child to live out those dreams during Halloween, now is your chance to discover what it feels like to become part of your fantasy. Our lives are often filled with appointments, meetings and deadlines. Take the opportunity to finally cut loose from your responsibilities and enjoy the freedom of being your favorite hero or heroine for the day. A fun costume can be a great stress release if your day is usually packed with tiresome duties at the office.
Although costume design is an art form, you don’t have to take the task so seriously that you forget to have fun. Take some time to figure out which resources and materials you have available to create a Halloween costume that speaks to your style.
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