Little Dead Riding Hood

Get Guts and Go Gory

For ultimate thrills and chills, go gory this year at the costume party! This is the one occasion where it’s acceptable to be grotesque. Here are a few great ways to shock the guests and make a memorable appearance that people will remember for years.

Make A Bloody Mess

Take some light corn syrup and add a generous amount of red food coloring until it resembles a bright red. Then, add blue food coloring (a drop or two at a time) to make the color closer to real, deep-dark blood. A dash of green may accentuate your concoction to make it look believable. If you mix in some peanut butter, the blood will be less likely to stain your clothes.

Homemade Scars

It is possible to make homemade scar “tissue”, but it is much easier to purchase a Halloween scar-kit from your local drug store or costume shop. Scar kits usually only cost a few bucks, and they work just fine. Be creative to make the scars appear as ugly as possible. Throw in some dry oatmeal to add a gross-looking texture. Remember to mix in lots of fake blood onto your scars. To create burn scars, add black by burning a piece of cork or using wadded up pieces of a wet magazine page.

Fake Intestines

Take an old pair of pantyhose and cut off both legs. Use a sewing machine or glue gun to make a seam all the way up the middle of each leg (try to make the seam very uneven). Cut off unneeded halves, and turn the others inside out. Fill it with cotton or cut up cotton cloth. Twist this at random places and make a few stitches to make them look realistic. Soak in fake blood, and let them hang from a torn shirt for a slamming zombie costume!
With these disgusting, distinguishing designs, you will be sure to be on the minds of everyone for a very long time!
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