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Teen Trends in Costume Design

Teenagers can be pretty particular when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume. They don’t want to look silly in front of their friends. They don’t want to look like everybody else. They don’t want their costume to appear “home-made”. They feel way too old to wear “cute” costumes. The list goes on and on. Here are a few great tips for moms who want to help without hindering. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to encourage your teen’s personal development.

Resist the Cheese

It’s easy to be cheesy, especially if you are a parent. Instinctively, we make decisions and suggestions that keep our children youthful for long as possible. For a teenager, that can be overbearing when it comes time for costume shopping. Boys are especially tough cases… trying to get them into anything is like pulling teeth. Try to entice your son with a scary mask that will appeal to his sense of humor. Popular celebrities, such as rock stars, actors, and movie characters, are always a big hit with teenagers. With adolescents, you will find that gore is good. Shark Attack Victims, Accident Victims, Undead Cheerleaders, Undead Brides, and Undead Football Players are sensationally scary costumes that will win your teen over.

Inspire Independence

The thing that teenagers crave most is autonomy from their parents. They are at a stage when they are trying to define their personality and identify their strengths. Give your adolescent the chance to express themselves and shine by allowing them creative space and freedom next Halloween. No matter how much you want to intervene and help your teen create a costume, step back and give them this excellent opportunity to build confidence.

Save Time

Coming up with costume concepts and solutions can be extremely time-consuming and down-right daunting. End the tiresome battles and trivial trials by letting your child choose their own disguises. Save up on all of the energy for when it comes time for more important issues, like how to enforce your teenager’s curfew the night of the costume party!

Be Cool

Giving your son or daughter the chance to come up with their own costume will earn you stripes as a parent. You will magically transform into the cool mother (or father) everyone wishes they had. Who knows, they may even surprise you by coming to you willingly for advice and opinions on their costume choices.
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