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Use Your Closet for Costume Inspiration

This year, you can avoid all the crowds and bothersome waiting in costume stores by using your own closet as a one-stop costume shop. Need a last-minute costume idea? Well, look no further than your own happy home. All of the materials you need are right within the walls of you home. You’d be surprised of all the great materials, accessories, and themes you can find hidden behind old clothes and boxes. Here are some of the many great reasons why you can use your closet for costume inspiration this year.


The best costumes, by far, are those that are produced with the most creativity. What consumers don’t realize is that they have a closet full of inspiration and unique materials right at home. You won’t ever have to worry about someone arriving to the party wearing the exact same outfit when you make your costume from your closet.

Instant Transformation

You’d be surprised at how well your old things can transform into new costumes. That old shirt you never wear anymore can get cut up into a vest, hood, or sash accessory. Your old skirt can be made into a cape. Rip that chiffon layer off of your old prom or useless bridesmaid dress and use it to make a harem girl costume. For a quick bald-look, grab some old, torn pantyhose and stretch it over your hair. Old sheets are fantastic for more than ghost costumes; the possibilities with old clothes are endless. Hey, Scarlett O’Hara made a drop-dead dress from curtains, so keep an open mind!

Great Savings

Buying pre-made packaged costumes from stores can be quite costly, especially if you are dressing an entire family. A great way to save money on costumes is by making one at home, for free. Your closet is stuffed with all kinds of material and accessories that will create a combination that will thrill and chill at the next masquerade party.


One of the many advantages of using your closet for inspiration is you get to avoid the shopping frenzy that others will have to face at the last minute. We all know the deal with last minute shopping during holidays. This year you won’t have to worry about congested stores and long, long lines at the register. Enjoy the convenience of creating a dynamic costume form the comfort of your own home by perusing your closets today.
And remember, you don’t have to limit your shopping to your bedroom closet. The closets of your children and loved ones can be a treasure cove too. You have inspiration and potential costume accessories all over your household waiting to be discovered and transformed into an intricate part of your master disguise.
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