Leaf Blower Costume Idea

Pun Intended: Costumes with a Punch Line

Let's face it: people love corny costumes. With a little imagination, just about anyone can create a costume based on a common phrase or punch line.
For instance, you can just throw on some white clothes, then cut a yellow circle out of yellow fabric and attach it to your stomach. Add some devil horns and a pitch fork, and voila! You're a "Deviled Egg."
Or... be a "Gold Digger." Wear a gold dress, gold accessories, gold glitter in your make-up and hair, etc. Paint a toy shovel gold and carry a bag of "gold" nuggets.
And pun costumes can be perfect when you need a last-minute idea. Have only five minutes before the party and still nothing to wear? Try some of these suggestions for a quick, easy, laugh:


Attach a dollar to each ear (get it? Buck-an-Ear).

Submitted by Shelby


Strap a doll to your rear-end and sit on it.

Submitted by Sunny

Leaf Blower:

Wear a baseball cap with a leaf dangling down in front of your face. When someone asks what you are, blow on the leaf!

Submitted by Jessica

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A Couple of Zingers

The only thing funnier than a person dressed as a pun at a costume party, is a couple that compliments one another as one collective pun. If you want to make a lasting impression, try:

Hawaiian Punch:

One person should dress like a boxer (boxing shorts, boxing gloves, lines beneath the eyes), while the other person dresses like a Hula-girl (grass skirt, bikini top, and a lei).

Submitted by Jessica

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Pun for the Whole Gang

When people gather in groups, there is sure to be great laughter. What better way to bring people together than by coming up with a concept that will make people think and laugh at the same time? For a great costume idea for groups that want to stick together, try:

Gang Green:

Everyone wears green and travels together. Alternate version: everyone dresses like gang members with green clothes and green bandanas.

Submitted by Patti Burgio

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Creating costumes, based on puns, can be simple, fast, and a whole lot of fun. You are sure to get both laughs and groans when you enter the doors of the costume party. So put on a costume that is packed with a punch to keep the crowds laughing at this year's big event.
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