Cupcake Costume

Needle Shy? Well, Give This a Try

Do you want to make your own costume this year, but donít know how (or prefer not) to sew? Need a little help when it comes to using needles? Here are the best tips and tricks to get you started with creating dynamic costumes at home this year.

Start Simple

Learning to sew like a pro is a process, but if you start with a simple project you can make a great costume. When you begin brainstorming for costume ideas, consider projects that wonít be too extravagant or time-consuming. Keep in mind that the costume really only has to last one night, so it doesnít need to be too excessive. Prevent disappointment by not seeking perfection on the first try.

Great Needle Alternatives

If the idea of using needles to sew completely scares you, there are many alternatives that will do the trick. Fabric glue, a glue gun, staples, or masking tape can hold together hems, seams, fringe, fake fur, and sequins.

Use a Pattern and a Model

Is your costume idea tangible? A good way to find out is by using a model to try out your idea. There are all kinds of patterns available at your local fabric store if you need a blueprint to get started. You can even find great costume patterns online. Once you get your basic outline cut, try it on the person who will be wearing it to see if you are on the right track, or need to rethink your process. Give a home-fashion preview to get feedback on how others will react to your masterpiece, if you have kids they will love the opportunity to laugh and marvel.

Be Technologically Savvy

With technology on your side, you are already ahead of the game with costume design. You can find ideas, patterns and costume concepts online, from the comfort of your home, today. Costume Idea Zone has a ton of great ideas and simple solutions to meet your every costume need. We have an awesome arsenal of resources to make your life easier during the Halloween season.
Trying to complete the entire costume all at once can be overwhelming. Instead, take it step-by-step and allow yourself breaks to maintain your sanity and patience. By planning ahead, you can allot plenty of time to complete your costume. Use one day to brainstorm, another for gathering materials, and other designated days to put the costume together. With these simple ideas, creating a costume at home this year will be a cinch!
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