Mummy Costume
Traditional Characters Never Get Old

Who says there’s something wrong with continuing tradition? You can always count on seeing multiple witches, pirates, cowboys and fairies at the party.
There is a reason why costume favorites continue to appear year after year; kids and adults simply love them. For children, they are ideal characters they can relate to and feel comfortable in at the party. For adults, it is a “safe” and easy costume concept to recreate, without a lot of thought or time. And a lot of the traditional costumes are easy to assemble from the convenience of your own closet or by buying inexpensive items from the local drug store or costume shop.
But there are some fantastic things you can do to give your common costume flavor and flair. Take note, so you can be the showstopper when you enter the party this year.

It's the Small Stuff

Little touches go a long way when putting together a costume. Carry a bag of catnip with your cat costume; put a stuffed parrot on the shoulder of your pirate costume; and don't forget the glitter when you wear your fairy costume!

Do the Twist

Be creatively cool by adding a special twist to your disguise. Here are some ideas to get your started:

Little Dead Riding Hood:

Wear the usual Little Red Riding Hood costume and then use fake scars, wounds and blood to make it look like the Big Bad Wolf got you. Don't forget your basket!

Submitted by Maria

Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry:

Wear black clothes, a black cape, and a Phantom of the Opera mask. Then add a cowboy hat, boots, and a toy gun and holster.

Submitted by Debbie

Go as a Couple

Your partner can add a perfect twist to your traditional costume:

Peace and Quiet:

One person dresses like a hippie (jeans, flowered shirt, peace signs, beads, headband, etc.). The other person dresses up like a mime (striped shirt, black pants, suspenders, white face make-up, etc.).

Magician and a Bunny:

He dressed up as a magician and the woman dresses up like a bunny.

Submitted by Erin

Don't Go All the Way

Sometimes, it's better to just meet half way:

Half Man/Half Woman:

Dress one half of your body as a construction worker and the other half as a sexy woman. Cut jeans and a flannel shirt in half and sew to a half of a miniskirt and blouse. Add a work boot and high heel shoe. Cut a toy hard hat in half and attach it to a "big hair" wig. Wear a five o'clock shadow on one side and make-up on the other.

Submitted by Dpallang

Half Asleep/Half Awake:

Cut some pajamas in half, and sew one side to half a pair of pants and half a shirt. On the asleep side, put your hair in curlers, wear no make-up, keep eyes closed and wear a slipper. On the awake side, curl your hair, wear make-up, and wear a shoe. Carry a pillow on your asleep side, and a briefcase on your awake side.

Submitted by MakJan

Half Devil/Half Angel:

Wear a halo and a devil tail, or devil wings and a halo, or angel wings and a pitchfork; be creative and find ways to mix it up!

Submitted by Krazimuk

Encourage an Entourage

Sometimes the best accessories can be your friends.  Put on your queen costume, with crown, cape and jewels. But this year, don’t just arrive. Make a grand entrance by having your friends dress as your royal court, with jesters and trumpeters announcing your presence as you enter boldly.

Surprise the Party

A traditional costume is great when you can add a surprise element to spice it up:

Retired Construction Worker:

Dress like a construction worker. Use a hotglue gun to attach screws and nails to a hardhat. Tear off one sleeve of your shirt and sew the opening closed at the shoulder (your arm will stay tucked inside the shirt). Sew a glove to the end of the sleeve and stuff both so they look like a severed arm. Attach the severed limb to your hardhat. Add lots of fake blood.

Submitted by ADAM14IL


Wear all-white clothes, and add padding to your belly to look pregnant (even better if you actually ARE pregnant). Then wrap yourself in gauze to look like a mummy. Paint your face with white paint and add black all around your eyes.

Go "Dead"

Make your traditional costume a "killer." Don't just be a bride, be a Dead Bride. Or a Dead Cheerleader, Dead Prom Queen, or Dead Maid.... or?
A traditional costume doesn't have to be boring if you add some flair and creativity. Just use a different theme to keep things from getting mundane and redundant, or a special touch to set your costume apart from the rest. And our traditional ideas section has tons of ideas to get you started.
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