Stickman Costume
Surefire Ways to Create a Bad Costume

There is a lot of pressure to be creative when it comes to costume planning. Here are three types of party poopers you simply donít want to be at a costume party. Take note, so you can prevent making poor costume choices this year.

The Persistent Procrastinator

Each year Halloween comes around like clockwork. So you canít truly say you didnít know you needed a costume. Yet, you always see parents and children frantically racing to the costume stores to find their disguise at the last minute. Pace yourself by planning ahead of time so you wonít feel pressed for time or stressed not knowing what to wear.

The Serial Thriller

Do you try to scare people with the same old costume and pranks year after year? Notice anyone looking annoyed as you approach the party? One of the worst things you can be at a costume party is a repeat offender. Step out of your comfort zone and try a disguise that is pleasantly different this year. People will applaud your unique sense of style and individuality if you put time into creating a new look.

Uptight All Night

Taking your costume too seriously will take all of the fun out of the process. Loosen up so you can have the creative freedom you want in designing a great costume. Enjoy a carefree costume that is easy to assemble and wonít break the bank.
Wearing a costume that is too tight will simply keep you miserable all night. When planning for your costume, keep in mind that you donít want to feel too constricted, unbearably hot, or self-conscious about body parts being exposed.
Before you decide on a costume, be sure to consider:
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