Pair of Blue Jeans Couples Costume
Couple Costumes for Men Who Hate Costumes

We all know there are guys out there who love to get creative and put together elaborate and detailed Halloween costumes. But, it’s safe to say that the average guy isn’t interested in making a fuss over his costume. And a guy has to be a really good sport to submit to wearing something silly. If you can talk your guy into being the “sheep” to your Little Bo Peep, then you’re definitely in the minority!
For most couples, the man will leave it up to the woman to brainstorm Halloween costumes for both of you. And ladies, isn’t it fun to go as a pair? Hansel and Gretel, Mickey and Minnie, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan! So fun… so cute! But getting your man to actually wear one of those costumes? Good luck!
Your best bet is to compromise with something more “guy-friendly.” Suggest something that will keep your man feeling manly. Preferably nothing too fussy, and hopefully something comfortable for him. Funny is good. Silly is bad. And you want to make sure he won’t feel like he needs to keep you by his side all night. If you go to the costume party as a Bird and he’s a Bird Catcher, that’s cute and funny when you’re standing together, but he might feel like a dork when you’re not standing by.
But if you have your heart set on being something cute and fun, you’re not out of luck. Try one of these options:

Cowboy and Saloon Girl:

He wears jeans, cowboy shirt, bandana, boots, hat, holster and gun. She wears a knee-high dress, with a lacy slip underneath and high heeled boots. One or both carries a bottle of liquor.

Submitted by Katie

Zorro and a Senorita:

He wears a black shirt, black pants, black shoes, black cape, black mask, and carries a fencing sword. She wears a ruffled dress and a headpiece with a lace veil.

Submitted by Taylor

Butterfly and Butterfly Catcher:

She dresses as a butterfly and he dresses as a butterfly catcher (khaki shirt and shorts, safari hat, boots, and a butterfly net).

Submitted by Kerry H., oprahdoc and Jennifer

Cardiac Arrest:

She dresses up as a big red heart (cut out of cardboard or cloth) and wears handcuffs. He dresses like a cop.

Submitted by cshyanne

And, of course, he’ll love to see you in something beautiful and sexy. You’ll probably have a better chance of getting him into that lion costume if you dress up as a sexy lion tamer. Or you can be a French Maid to his Butler, a Cheerleader to his Football Player, or a Playboy Bunny to his Hugh Hefner.
If you want to be something more non-traditional, there are lots of creative and funny couples costume ideas:

Jack and Jill:

Get two t-shirts and write JACK and JILL on the backs of each. Jack can wear a broken crown and have lots of blood coming from his head. Jill should have lots of bruises from tumbling after, bruised face and bloody lips. They can both carry around tin pails of water!

Submitted by Kerri T.

Pirate and Treasure Chest:

He dresses as the pirate. She wears a gold shirt, and attaches gold, silver, and pearl beads, and gold and silver chocolate coins to chest area.

Submitted by JeanneC

UPS Man and His Package:

He dresses in a dark brown button-down short-sleeved shirt, and brown shorts, with a UPS logo on the pocket. She wears a large box, wrapped in brown paper, with holes cut for head and arms.

Submitted by Autumn

His and Hers Hershey's Bars:

Use large garbage bags and white contact paper to reproduce Hershey's bars. The woman is Hershey's Bar Plain, and the man is Hershey's Bar with nuts!

But even if your man is a die-hard costume hater, you can still put together a great couples costume that keeps his fuss to an absolute minimum. Here are some super-quick-and-easy Halloween costumes to consider:

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He dresses in normal clothes, with a large letter "E" on his chest. She wears paperclips all over her clothes.

Submitted by Jamey

Peter and the Pumpkin:

She dresses in a pumpkin costume, and he wears a name tag that says "Peter."

Submitted by Jessica

Macaroni and Cheese:

She wears a sweat suit with macaroni noodles glued all over it. He wears a Cheese Hat.

A Pair of Blue Jeans:

Both wear all blue clothes. He wears a nametag that says "Gene," and she wears one that says "Jean." Optional: use blue make-up to color your skin blue.

Submitted by Thalia

There are tons of possibilities for putting together costumes that go together, and that will be fun for both of you. So have a blast choosing and wearing a costume combination that both you and your partner will love!
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