When Sexy Becomes Scary

Imagine if your 13-year-old daughter came to you and said she had narrowed her Halloween costume ideas down to the following choices:
  • Skeleton
  • Witch
  • Bumblebee
Those sound like safe, traditional costume ideas, right? Thank goodness she’s not asking for something sexy, skimpy or shocking. I mean, just check out any costume store or online costume site and you can see how popular sexy costumes have become. Halloween costumes with plunging necklines, mini-skirts, and garters are dominating the shelves, and they can be powerfully tempting to a teenage girl.
But hold on. Before you start patting yourself on the back for your great parenting skills, you better be asking some more questions about her costume ideas.
Costume retailers have found a way to make even the tamest characters look risque. You think there is no way to make a skeleton sexy? Think again. And witches are scary and ugly—certainly not sexy, right? Don’t be too sure! And, wait…wow…check out the garters on that Bumblebee!
While these ultra-sexy costumes are presumably marketed to adults, in many cases they are also sold in teen and even pre-teen sizes. Many costume retailers report that sales of sexy costumes to young girls are on the rise. Your child will probably have friends who wear something that you would consider way too mature for a teen. Young girls who feel pressure to look sexy are likely to feel it even more on Halloween.
So your best bet is to spell out some rules to your teen before they even start developing their Halloween costume ideas. While you might want to grant some freedom of expression, you also probably want to limit the amount of skin your teen can show. With a little creativity you can help her come up with something that will make her feel feminine, glamorous--and even grown-up—but that will also keep you in your comfort zone.
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