Think Inside the Box

Sometimes the best things in life ARE free. Grab a cardboard box, add a bit of paint and a few creative touches, and, voila! you've got yourself a unique and eye-popping costume! Here are some ideas for Halloween costumes that can be made by starting with just a simple cardboard box:
Skill Crane Costume Idea

Skill Crane:

Take a large box and cut openings in the front and sides, and a hole at the bottom for your legs. Support the box by attaching it to a backpack that you wear with the straps hidden under your clothes. Glue a small box to the front with a joystick, buttons and coin slot, add a hanging crane made out of wire, and decorate the whole box with paint. Wear whatever animal costume you'd like, climb inside the box, throw in some small stuffed animals, and attach the crane to your head.

Photo submitted by ericar1408

Aquarium Costume Idea


Turn a large cardboard box upside down and cut holes for your arms and head. Cut a square piece out of the front, paint the box silver or black, and glue in a piece of clear blue plastic. Attach fake fish, fake plants, etc. behind the plastic. Glue a box of fish food and a fish net to the top edge of the box. Wear all white clothes underneath.

Photo submitted by Hough

Popcorn Box Costume Idea


Take a large box, cut off the top flaps, make leg and arm holes, and attach straps so you can suspend it from your shoulders. Paint it with red and white stripes and write "POPCORN" on the front. Glue popped popcorn around the top of the box and all over your shoulders, neck and hair. Wear white make-up and white clothes underneath.

Idea submitted by Stephanie Bice

Photo submitted by thingone

Rubik's Cube Costume Idea

Rubik's Cube:

Find a big square box, turn it upside down, and cut holes for your head and arms. Use paint or construction paper to create nine squares on each side of the box (you can make the cube in either a solved state or a scrambled state). Wear black clothes underneath.

Photo submitted by Thetallstewy

Vending Machine Costume Idea

Vending Machine:

Find a rectangular box large enough to wear over your body. Paint it black and decorate the front with buttons, coin slot, etc. Add "Snack Machine" to the top, and a fake opening at the bottom that says "PUSH." Cut a rectangular area out of the middle, cover with clear plastic, and place a variety of real or fake snack items behind it.

Photo submitted by nasqueen24

X-Ray Machine:

Use a big box, painted white, with a hole cut out for head and arms--legs out the open bottom. Paint a black rectangle on the front, along with the words: "Caution: X-RAY IN USE". Use the torso of a life-size paper skeleton decoration as the image on the black rectangle (the screen).

Idea submitted by KseaRsea

Traffic Light:

Take a large cardboard box that will fit around your torso. Cut arm and neck holes. Paint the box black (or yellow). Get three "tap" lights and wrap them in red, yellow and green colored plastic wrap. Attach the lights to the box.

Idea submitted by Stefan Merlo


First you take a cardboard box (one that will fit the child or adult nicely - make sure it is above the knees so they can walk). Cut out holes for arms and a hole for the head. Cover the box with wrapping paper. Add bows or whatever you want to dress up the package. Add a bow to the top of your head. Optional: add a tag that says "God's Give to Women" (or "to Men" if you're a woman).

Idea submitted by Tracy Gaskill

Box of Tissues:

Find a cardboard box that is large enough to fit over your body and cut holes for your arms and legs. Paint it pastel colors or cover with flowery wallpaper. Add the logo of your favorite tissue company. Take a beanie or other kind of hat and cut a slit into the top. Stuff some tissue underneath, with one sticking out, so people can pull tissues out of your head.

Idea submitted by RTM


Find a square box big enough to fit over your body, cut out the bottom, and cut holes for your arms and head (for a small child you can fit the box over a baby walker). Paint the box with bright paint and add a crank. Dress like a clown and put on clown-make-up.

Idea submitted by Kris Glashoff

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