Eight Costumes From Your Little Black Dress

That little black dress sitting in every woman's closet is more than just your go-to party wear. It could also be the start of your next Halloween costume.
If you don't have a lot of time to fuss over a fancy costume, a basic black dress can easily be transformed into many configurations. So crack open your closet, or hit the thrift store and grab an inexpensive black dress off the rack. Here are eight great ideas:
Black Dress Cat Costume Idea


You can purchase an inexpensive tail and ear set from many online retailers. Put two cat collars together and wear them around your neck. Or make your own collar from fake leather or black felt. Make sure to include a bell! Wear long black fingernails. A cute painted-on feline face with whiskers and a black-tipped nose will complete the transformation from human to animal.


Wear a big pair of horn-rimmed glasses, spray grey or white color in your hair and pull it into a tight bun. Another variation on this costume would be the sexy librarian. Keep a prim and proper look with your hair and glasses, but cut the black dress short and jazz up the ensemble with fishnet stockings and high heels.

Black Dress Devil Costume Idea


All you really need here is a pair of devil horns. Either buy some from your favorite Halloween store, or just make some out of paper mache and attach them to a headband. Your horns don't have to be red, they can be any color--you can even sparkle them up with glitter! If you want, add a devil tail, cape, and carry a devil's pitchfork.


Carry a cane, wear a fake crooked nose, and a add scraggly wig. Stuff the back of the dress to create a hump. As an added bonus, thump all the young whippersnappers with your cane if they give you any trouble.


This is a great costume if the weather is uncertain or changing. Wear a cool black dress with short sleeves and add a warm purple cape. Put lots of sparkle gel on your face and in your hair. Add a pointy hat that you've embellished with glitter, sequins, and other sparkly objects.

Black Dress Witch Costume Idea


But donít be a traditional witch, add your own personal zing. Instead of a long black wig don a sassy purple one. Wear a funky beret or a fedora instead of the traditional pointy black hat and embellish it with flashy costume jewelry. Choose a long black dress or a short one, and if you want, temporarily sew in a piece of fabric to create an uneven, jagged hem. Striped stockings add a colorful touch. Glamourize with long eyelashes, high heels and maybe even a black feather boa!


Buy a special kit with zombie makeup and prosthetics, or design your own. This is one costume that allows for a lot of creativity. Rip and shred the black dress, go bare-legged or wear torn nylons. Make sure to walk with a shuffling gait for maximum authenticity.

Evil Fairy:

Fairies don't have to be cute and charming. Find a pair of black wings, put on a pair of fishnet stockings and layer on thick eyeliner and mascara. Tear holes in the black dress for an extra wicked look. No sweet rainbows for this fairy!

With just a little imagination and a few inexpensive accessories, it's easy to transform an ordinary black dress into a fantastic and fun Halloween costume.
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