• Half Man / Half Woman
  • To make a Half Man / Half Woman costume, cut two outfits in half and sew them together. For instance, you can dress in a man's business suit on one side, and a woman's dress on the other. Or, dress like a construction worker on one side, and a sexy woman on the other. Start with one man's outfit and one woman's dress. Cut them in half (leave an inch of extra fabric on each piece for the seam), then sew them together. Attach half a necklace to the collar of the man's shirt. Get a woman's wig and cut one side into a man's hairstyle. Or, if you are a construction worker on the man side, get a child's toy hardhat, cut it in half and glue it to half a woman's wig. Give yourself a beard or a five o'clock shadow on one side of your face, and wear make-up on the other. Add one man's shoe or a work boot and one woman's shoe.  
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