• Baby in a Crib
  • This costume creates the illusion that you are a baby in a crib. Your face is the baby's face, and you'll be using a stuffed baby body. The "crib" will sit at an angle, with the top over your head and shoulders, and the bottom resting on your lower stomach. Find a box that is about 2x2x3 feet big, cut out the top and bottom and cut all the sides into slats so it looks like a crib. Now make a fake mattress, covering it with flannel, with a skirt of flannel that drops down covering your lower body. There should be a hole in the top of the mattress for your head to stick through. Add a baby blanket, bottle, etc. to the inside of the crib. Now take some baby clothes and stuff them (add some doll hands), then attach them just under your chin, so it looks like your head is the baby's head. Wear a bonnet with a curl of hair coming down the front.  
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