• Astronaut and Alien
  • To make the astronaut costume: Start with a pair of white or orange overalls. Make some fake NASA patches and attach to the suit. Create an air pack out of two large soda bottles by taping them together and spray painting them silver (attach them to backpack straps and wear them over your shoulders). Wear a large pair of white gloves and white or orange rain boots. A helmet can by made from a white motorcycle helmet, or you can make one out of a fish bowl (for carrying in your arms only). To make the alien costume: Wear a bald cap, painted white. Use make-up to give yourself a white face with large dark eyes. Wear tight white pants, a turtle-neck shirt, white shoes and a white cape. Take a pair of white gloves, remove the fingers and use white cloth to lengthen each finger (stuff the tips and reattach). Use silver fabric paint and sequins on the suit and cape.  
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