• Peanuts Gang
  • Each person in the group dresses like a different character from the comic strip Peanuts: Charlie Brown (large yellow shirt with black zig-zag pattern around the belly, black shorts, brown shoes, yellow socks, bare head except for a swirl of hair in the front), Snoopy (wear a white hooded sweatsuit, with long black ears, short tail and a black spot on your back), Lucy (blue dress with short puffy sleeves, Mary Jane shoes with blue socks, short black hair with short curly bangs), Linus (red and white striped t-shirt, black shorts, brown shoes, scraggly hair combed forward, carry a blue blankie), Sally (pink polkadot dress with short puffy sleeves, short blond hair with a puff of curls at the top, white shoes and pink socks), Pigpen (blue short overalls, blue shirt, scraggly hair, lots of dirt on skin and clothes), The Little Red Headed Girl (purple dress with puffy sleeves, short very-curly red hair, black and white shoes), etc.  
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