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  • Organ Grinder and Monkey
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  • The Organ Grinder should wear a white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and garters on the upper sleeves, a colorful vest, slacks, and a bowler hat (or an old-fashioned suit). Take a square cardboard box and paint it to look like an organ; make a hand-crank out of wire and attach it to the side. Add a strap so you can hang it from your shoulder, and a pointy stick to the bottom to support it on the ground. The monkey should wear a brown hooded sweatsuit, with felt ears attached to the hood, a felt tail, and an oval of lighter-colored felt attached to your chest. Make a colorful vest (easy to make by cutting up an old shirt), and "Shriner's" hat, with a tassel (use felt and glue). Cute costume for a parent and child, or a couple!  
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