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  • Night at the Movies
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  • Each person dresses like an item related to the movie theater: popcorn, candy, soda, ticket, etc. For popcorn: Make arm and leg holes in a large box and paint it with red and white stripes; write "POPCORN" on the front, and glue popped popcorn around the top of box; attach more to your shirt and a hat; suspend the box from your shoulders with straps. For candy: Either use a long flat box, or two pieces of posterboard suspended from your shoulders with straps; copy the logo from your favorite candy onto the front; wear matching colors underneath. For soda: use straps to suspend a hula hoop over your shoulders, then drape it with fabric; add the logo of your favorite soda to the front. For a movie ticket: Take two pieces of cardboard and put notches in the corners; paint them to look like theater tickets; suspend them from your shoulders with straps.  
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