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  • Shaun of the Dead
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  • One person is Shaun, and the rest of the group are zombies. For zombies: use light make-up covered with baby powder to create pale, ashen skin, then dark shadow to give yourself dark sunken eyes. Create fake wounds and splash liberally with blood. Smear lots of blood in and around your mouth. Mess up your hair and add dirt, twigs, etc. Rub your clothes in dirt and look as disheveled as possible. For Shaun: wear dress slacks and a white short-sleeved button-down shirt with a red nametag that says "Foree Electric" and "Sales Advisor SHAUN". Put a small red ink stain at the bottom of the left pocket of the shirt. Take a red tie and tie it around your forehead. Carry a wooden cricket bat (make your own out of cardboard). Take fake blood and splatter it on the bat and yourself.  
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