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  • Beverly Hillbillies
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  • Jed Clampett wears faded jeans, a white button-down shirt (buttoned all the way up), a rope belt, a ragged tan or grey suit jacket, and a very-battered cowboy hat (add gray hair and a shaggy gray mustache and eyebrows). Granny wears a flowery old-fashioned long-sleeve dress with a high neck. Add an apron around your waist. Wear gray hair in a bun, add some wire-rimmed glasses perched on your nose, and carry a jug with XXX on it. Elly May wears high-waisted jeans with a rope belt, a checkered western shirt, and curly blonde hair with pig tails and ribbons. Jethro wears jeans with a rope belt, a checkered long-sleeved shirt, a battered black cowboy hat, and short brown hair. Carry a shotgun.  
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